Theological reading

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Books on Ecotheology

Basden, A True ‘Creation Spirituality’: Original Blessing and Original Sin – a critique of Matthew Fox’s theology, The JRI Briefing Paper No 7, at Just Living: the quest for fairness in a finite world, A one day environmental workshop, 17thJanuary 2009, Redcliffe College, Gloucester

Boff,  Leonardo, Christianity in a nutshelltransl. Phillip Berryman (Maryknoll NY: Orbis 2013) 

Boff, L.  Cry of the Earth, Cry of the Poortr. Phillip Berryman (Maryknoll NY: Orbis 1997)

Brueggemann,  Walter, The Land: place as gift, promise and challenge in biblicalfaith(Minneapolis, MN: Fortress  1978, 2002)  

CofE  Common Worship: Times and Seasons - Services and Prayers of the Church of England, 2000, Church House Publishing, London 

CofE    Sharing God’s Planet: a Christian vision for a sustainable future, A report commissioned by the Church of England’s Mission and Public Affairs Council, 2005, Church House Publishing, London

Davis, Ellen,  Scripture, Culture and Agriculture(Cambridge: CUP 2009)

Deane-Drummond, C.   A handbook in Theology and Ecology(London: SCM 1996)

Green, L Let’s Do Theology, 2001, Contiuum, London

Ilia Delio, Making all things new: Catholicity, cosmology, consciousness(Maryknoll NY: Orbis 2015)

Fox, M.  Creation Spirituality: liberating gifts for the peoples of the Earth(New York: HarperCollins 1991)

Fox, M  Original Blessing: A Primer in Creation Spirituality, 1983, Bear & Company, Rochester

Fox, M  The Coming of the Cosmic Christ, 1990, Harper, San Francisco

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Fox, M  A New Reformation: Creation Spirituality and the Transformation of Christianity, 2006, Inner Traditions Bear and Company, Rochester

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Habel , Norman C. The Land is mine(Minneapolis, MN: Fortress 1995)

Highland, C.  (compiled and edited)  Meditations of John Muir: Nature's Temple(Birmingham AL: Wilderness Press 2001)

Jewitt, R  Jesus Against the Rapture,1979, The Westminster Press, Philadelphia

Johnson, Elizabeth A. Ask the Beasts  (London: Bloomsbury 2015)

LaHaye, T and Jenkins, JB Are We Living in the End Times, 1999, Tyndale House Publishers, Wheaton

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Lyons, G  Premillennialism, Beacon Dictionary of Theology, 1983, Beacon Hill Press, Kansas City

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McIntosh, Alistair   Soil and Soul  (London: Aurum 2001, 2004)

McFague, S.    The Body of God: An Ecological Theology(Minneapolis MN: Fortress 1993)

McGrath, A.   The re-enchantment of nature(London: Hodder and Stoughton 2002)

Macqarrie, J,  A Dictionary of Christian Ethics, 1967, SCM Press, London

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Moltmann, J God in Creation: A New Theology of Creation and the Spirit of God (Gifford Lectures),1991, Harper-Collins, London

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Teilhard de Chardin  The Phenomenon of Man, 1976, Harper Perennial, London

Williams, CateForest Church Grove booklet, publication due Autumn 2019

Wright, Christopher  God's people in God's land(Carlisle: Paternoster 1990, 1997)

Wright, T.  Surprised by Hope(London: SPCK 2007)


Books – Ecological / sociological


Deakin, R. Wildwood: a journey through trees(London: Penguin 2007)

Monbiot, G.  Feral: Rewilding the land, sea and human life (London: Penguin 2014) 

Moreton, C. Is God still an Englishman? (London: Little Brown 2010)

Scotland, N  A Pocket Guide to Sects and New Religions, 2005, Lion Publishing, Oxford

White, L  The Historical Roots of our Ecologic Crisis, American Association for the Advancement in Science, 1967, Science, 155:1204, accessed 15/2/09,

Whitehead, JW  God So Loved the World that He Gave Us World War III?,an interview  with Barbara Rossing, 2004, website accessed 6/11/08,

Williams, Florence, The Nature Fix(NY: Norton 2017)

Williams, R  Renewing the Face of the Earth: Human responsibility and the Environment, York Minster, 25thMarch 2009, text of speech provided in personal e-mail by Kingsley Jones, Diocesan Environmental Adviser, Gloucester, 27thMarch 2009.

Witcombe, J  Denominational Studies, TM215.5, 1/11/07, WEMTC, University of Gloucestershire

Wood, K personal conversation with a former leader of St Thomas’ Church, Crookes, Sheffield, on 25/12/89 in Pickering


Articles (some of these are behind academic firewalls)

Brundtland, GH Our Common Future: Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development, United Nations, 20 March 1987, accessed 18/2/09,

Chartres, R  The Environment and Climate Change, A speech by The Rt Revd and Rt Hon Richard Chartres, Bishop of London, to the House of Lords on 13/2/2007, accessed 9/2/2009

CofE    Sharing God's Planet – General Synod Resolution, 17/2/2005, accessed 9/2/2009

CofE    Environmental Policy of the National Church Institutions of the Church of England,Shrinking the Footprint, the Church of England’s National Environmental Campaign, June 2006, accessed 9/2/2009

Howard, R Charismania: when Christian fundamentalism goes wrong, 1977, Mowbray, London

ISO  Environmental Management Systems: requirements with guidance for use, ISO 14001, 2004, International Standards Organisation, Geneva,, website accessed 24/2/09

Knights, P.   "The Whole Earth My Altar": A Sacramental Trajectory for Ecological Mission  Mission Studies vol. 25 issue 1 pp. 56-72.

Northcott, M  An Angel Directs the Storm: Apocalyptic Religion and American Empire, 2004, I.B.Tauris, London

Northcott, M. S.  The Concealments of Carbon Markets and the Publicity of Love in a Time of Climate ChanggeInternational Journal of Public Theology 4 (2010)  pp. 294-313.

Northcott, M.  Parochial Ecology on St Briavels Common: Rebalancing the Local and the Universal in Anglican Ecclesiology and Practice. Journal of Anglican Studies, 10, 2012, pp. 68-93. 

Scherer, G   The Anti-Environmental Armageddon Cult, Grist Magazine, October 2004, website accessed 6/11/08,



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