Environmental policies

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Church of England - The CofE is committed to a carbon reduction target of 80% by 2050, with an interim target of 42% by 2020. This applies to 44 diocese and 16,000 churches.  The initiative is known as Shrinking the Footprint and practical advice is available here: http://www.churchcare.co.uk/shrinking-the-footprint/about-shrinking-the-footprint In 2005 Gloucester Diocese published guidance "Sustain and Renew the Life of the Earth: resource material for your environmental policy 2005" 

Methodist Church -  This Environmental Policy policy seeks to identify principles to assist the Methodist Church in translating into action its affirmation that mission includes 'caring for the earth' in the life of the Church at national and local level.

United Reformed Church -This is the current Environmental Policy.