BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2019

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This is a fascinating report which opens with these words: "Welcome to the BP Statistical Review of World Energy, which records the events of 2018: a year in which there was a growing divide between societal demands for an accelerated transition to a low carbon energy system and the actual pace of progress."

"At the same time, carbon emissions from energy use grew by 2.0%, again the fastest expansion for many years, with emissions increasing by around 0.6 gigatonnes. That’s roughly equivalent to the carbon emissions associated with increasing the number of passenger cars on the planet by a third." (page 3)

The UK's CO2 emissions contribute 1.2% of global CO2 and over the past 10 years have dropped at an annual rate of -2.3% (currently 394.1 million tonnes CO2 per year)

Consumption figures for 2018 are as follows:

  • Global energy consumption increased by 2.9%; dominated by coal (c38%), oil (c34%) and gas (c23%)

  • Global coal reserves are enough for 138 years

  • Global coal production increased by 4.3% which is significantly above the 10 year average of 1.3%

  • Global renewables account for 9.3%, up from only 3% ten years ago.