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    The purposes of the network are to encourage reflection and action on environmental issues (especially in relation to a just and fair world) among Gloucestershire Christians; to support and encourage local Christians who are concerned about the environment; to provide an information exchange and to facilitate co-ordination of initiatives.  The network meets about every two months at luchtime in Gloucester city centre and in between meetings we often exchange phone calls, e-mails (via this website and a Facebook Group) as well as by post. Everyone is welcome to join our meetings and keep in touch to whatever extent they are able... 


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    ā€œIā€™m not worried about the climate change...whether human driven or magnetic pole shifting or sun spots. The Earth is smarter than most of its inhabitants and will find a solution, which may include a large reduction in the human population. I am concerned most of the humans act like they do not belong to the earth nor to the Source from which she came.ā€œ
    Dr John Hughes, 2017


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    Objectives for 2017

    We shall encourage as many as possible of the 420 local churches to register and work towards the EcoChurch Award (A Rocha) with a view to becoming a CofE EcoDiocese in 2018.


    Revd Arthur Champion, The Department of Mission and Ministry, Diocese of Gloucester, 4 College Green, Gloucester, GL1 2LR  Tel: 01242 870402