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    The purposes of the network are to encourage reflection and action on environmental issues (especially in relation to a just and fair world) among Gloucestershire Christians; to support and encourage local Christians who are concerned about the environment; to provide an information exchange and to facilitate co-ordination of initiatives.  The network meets about every two months at luchtime in Gloucester city centre and in between meetings we often exchange phone calls, e-mails (via this website and a Facebook Group) as well as by post. Everyone is welcome to join our meetings and keep in touch to whatever extent they are able... 


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    Tips towards gaining an EcoChurch Award
    On Thursday 16th February 2017 a lunchtime meeting at St Andrews Churchdown was attended by 16 people for a presentation by the Revd Arthur Champion followed by a lively discussion

    Javelin Park incinerator: update on the contract
    An investigation has been launched after a council blunder revealed details of a £500m contract for a controversial incinerator project.

    Reflecting on US President Trump and Climate Chang
    Although strong majorities in every religious group in the US believe the earth is getting warmer, only 31% of white evangelicals believe the change is caused by human activity, a figure that is out of step with the overall view of the US population where 69% accept human induced climate change.

    This report by the CofE assesses shale gas and fracking as they relate to local communities, the environment, UK energy policy and the UK’s commitment to carbon reduction targets under the COP21 agreement. It draws on the report into shale gas and fracking published by the independent Parliamentary Committee on Energy and Climate Change in July 2016.

    Warm and well
    Ruth Davey, Partnerships Coordinator for Seven Wye Energy Agency, gave an illustrated talk about the "Warm and Well" initiative to tackle fuel poverty whilst simultaneously improving energy efficiency.


  • Inspiring quotations

    “Whether we and our politicians know it or not, Nature is party to all our deals and decisions, and she has more votes, a longer memory, and a sterner sense of justice than we do.”
    Wendell Berry


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    Objectives for 2017

    We shall encourage as many as possible of the 420 local churches to register and work towards the EcoChurch Award (A Rocha) with a view to becoming a CofE EcoDiocese in 2018.


    Revd Arthur Champion, The Department of Mission and Ministry, Diocese of Gloucester, 4 College Green, Gloucester, GL1 2LR  Tel: 01242 870402